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Stigx – High Quality Electronic Cigarette

The Stigx electronic cigarette makes everything straight forward and simple. Using Stigx gives you the power to control your nicotine kick in an easy to manage stylish way, making sure you remain unhindered in your daily life, whilst looking your best.

Stigx has been designed taking advantage of the latest electronic cigarette technologies and ergonomics. So it not only feels good in your hand, but also ensures solid reliability and a high quality vaporising experience - making for one of the best e-cigarette experiences possible. Because the components of Stigx were not designed to simply work together, they were designed to enhance one another.

No Smoke, No Tar, No Smells, No Ashes. Just Clean Vapor

Stigx does not use combustion to create its sumptuous vapour. This means that it does not create smoke – so there is no tar, ash, carbon monoxide, or any other harmful toxins to damage your health. All that is created in a flavoured nicotine vapour.

As there is no smoke, second hand smoke is no longer an issue - so you are no longer need worry about lasting, clinging smells, or having to hide away to get your nicotine fix. The clean vapour and lack of tobacco means you can happily and legally use your Stigx anywhere, be it the office, with friends and family, or in public places.

Many Different Liquid Nicotine Flavors Available

The experience of using Stigx does not end with its superior build. Used in combination with one of our flavored E-liquids (liquid nicotine solutions), it can add that little something extra when you are on the go, delivering the required level of nicotine in a succulent and tasty vapor.

Accessories for the Stigx

Make sure your Stigx electronic cigarette is always ready to go with spare batteries and charger, or stored in a stylish, eye catching coloured case for when you are out and about.