Stigx Electronic Cigarette (Silver)

As one of the most advanced e-cigarettes currently on the market, Stigx harnesses the latest technological advancements and ergonomic design to create the most enjoyable, stylish and comfortable experience possible. The Stigx e-cigarette in silver draws in the eye and makes a clear statement about your lifestyle and habits, it is one for the bold.

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Through the process of vaporization, Stigx creates a safer and more convenient way to obtain your nicotine kick. As there is no tobacco or burning involved, the nicotine mist that Stigx creates is free of all the tar, carbon-monoxide and other toxins found in cigarettes. It also means that there is no second-hand smoke to speak of, allowing Stigx to be used in places where normal cigarettes would not be allowed or even illegal - not only making it more socially desirable, but also practical.

It is made of two main components, making the whole e-cigarette experience as simple and user friendly as possible, ensuring its fit into modern lifestyle. It consists of an efficient and state if the art cartomizer that creates a high quality vapor, and a powerful 1100 mAh rechargeable battery that will last between 10 – 14 hours under the heaviest of use.

To ensure the battery lasts as long as possible, Stigx takes advantage of a 5-click protection system, ensuring that it does not get activated accidentally as you go about your daily business.

Every Stigx comes with a real leather wallet, available in either black, white or brown. This elegant carrying case ensures that your Stigx e-cigarette always looks stylish, even when you are not using it – all the while keeping it protected from every day wear and tear.

Contents of package: 1x Stigx rechargeable battery, 1x Stigx clearomizer, 1x leather pouch, 1x needle bottle and 1x USB/wall charger.

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By K K.

Title : Hendig sjiek!
Comment : Na de eGo geprobeerd te hebben heb ik de Stigx besteld. Waar de eGo bij mij lekte (tussen reservoir en mondstuk), heeft de Stigx daar helemaal geen last van. Hij voelt ook meer solide aan. Zeker de moeite waard!

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