About Us

Based in the Netherlands, Stigx is a company that is dedicated to producing the best e-cigarette products on the market. The company has been formed by smokers with smokers in mind. Here at Stigx we understand some of the trials and tribulations that tobacco smokers face, and how many want to get away from the negative factors associated with it. On the flipside, we also know the satisfaction and relaxation that come not only through nicotine, but also the pleasure of holding a cigarette in the hand and the subtleties of inhaling and exhaling smoke.

Stigx Nederland

This is why we here at Stigx have put a lot of time, patience and effort into the production of our own e-cigarette. Too many e-cigarettes these days are sub-standard and poorly made, and we know first-hand how frustrating this can be. We have set out to create a reliable and well-made e-cigarette that can simulate the pleasures of smoking like no other, all whilst gaining the benefits of leaving tobacco behind.

It is this mission to produce top grade products that stand amongst the best that has led to our success. We are not the only smokers tired of the previous poor quality of the market – you can be assured that we take the end users experience very seriously. From the e-cigarette itself, to the packaging, all the way down to the most minute detail, we want to ensure that the Stigx experience is one to remember.

Our product is not the only thing we hold in high regard. We understand that it is the customer’s experience that is paramount, and thus we take customer service very seriously. For this reason, you can rest assured that we take all of the necessary precautions to ensure your transaction goes as smoothly and safely as possible. And we have on staff customer service support agents right here in the Netherlands to answer any quires you may have. Feel free to get in contact with us and tell us any feelings or comments you may have about Stigx, what you do and do not like about it – good and bad, we want to hear it all. This ensures that Stigx remains for smokers by smokers.