Stigx Limited 1 Year Replacement Warranty:

Here at Stigx we are extremely confident in our product. So much so that we guarantee your Stigx e-cigarette will be defect free for 1 year. Whilst we have the utmost confidence in our product, it is possible for the occasional bad apple to get through – although it is rare, things do occasionally go wrong. If your Stigx e-cigarette stops working within the warranty period, please get in contact as soon as possible to discuss the defect, and we will arrange for an appropriate solution with you.

Please note, damage and accidental damage caused by the user are not covered by the warranty. Only manufacturer caused defect is covered. The Stigx 1 year warranty excludes e-liquid refills and clearomisers, which should be replaced on a regular basis.

Common trouble shooting:

If your Stigx e-cigarette seems to have stopped performing as it should, please first consider whether it is the clearomizer that is under performing. The clearomiser is a disposable part of the e-cigarette, and will occasionally need to be replaced depending on the amount of use. Symptoms that a clearomizer is nearing the end of its life can include a slight burnt taste to the vapor, or receiving a very minimal amount of vapor. If you believe this to be the case, spare and replacement clearomizers can be purchased from the accessories section of our shop.