Quit Smoking with Stigx E-Cigarette

Controlling nicotine cravings is one of the main reasons people smoke tobacco, but by obtaining nicotine this way, you open the body up to an untold amount of harmful toxins and chemicals. For this reason many want to quit smoking tobacco, but struggle to do so because of the addiction.

Leaving tobacco behind

The Stigx e-cigarette can be an extremely useful for those looking to give up smoking tobacco and move away its undesirable and deadly aspects. Stigx can be used to simulate the use of tobacco cigarettes, without getting any of the drawbacks - by switching to Stigx, it is possible quit tobacco completely.

The ergonomic design of the e-cigarette gives the same satisfaction as holding a tobacco cigarette, and the nicotine vapour it creates perfectly replicates the therapeutic aspect of inhaling smoke whilst quenching your nicotine craving – but without any of the tar, carbon-monoxide or other toxins found in tobacco smoke.

This gives the power needed to stop smoking tobacco whilst still being able to regulating nicotine intake, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Why is it safer?

The processes involved in the workings of the Stigx e-cigarette do not involve any combustion or burning. It is the process of burning tobacco that produces all of the toxins and chemicals present in tobacco smoke. Stigx works through vaporisation – evaporating the e-liquid without burning it. This creates a flavoured mist that has nothing but nicotine in it, and whilst nicotine is the addictive part of a smoking, it does not cause any of the major health problems associated with the use of tobacco itself – it is the smoke that causes problems, not the nicotine.

What about quitting altogether?

Stigx e-cigarettes offer users the tools to gain control over their kick. By offering users flavoured nicotine liquids of varying strength, it is possible to wean yourself off of nicotine, slowly decreasing the strength required. Of course, it still requires a degree of will power and self-control; but with Stigx you have the best tools possible at your disposal. For those who succeed in giving up nicotine but still want to enjoy the flavours and therapeutic aspects of inhaling vapour, there are nicotine free e-liquids - ensuring you can still enjoy the joys of vaporising no matter where you stand on the road to giving up.