Advantages of the Stigx E-Cigarette

There are many advantages to using a Stigx e-cigarette over traditional tobacco. The following are just some of the benefits to be gained.

Better for your health

The process of vaporising and delivering nicotine to the body used by Stigx does not require any tobacco or smoke. As a result, the nicotine vapour that is breathed in does not contain any of the tar, carbon-monoxide or thousands of other toxins present in tobacco smoke. This greatly reduces the risk of disease related to tobacco, as nicotine is not considered toxic itself.

Those who have made a complete switch to the use of a Stigx e-cigarette over the use of tobacco have reported significantly less coughing, improved breathing, feelings of being more physically fit and increased energy levels - to name but a few advantages.

No second-hand smoke

The Stigx e-cigarette does not cause anything to combust or burn, and as a result it does not produce any smoke. This means there is no second hand smoke to speak of, and there is no lingering smell. The vapour created harmlessly dissipates within seconds after being exhaled, and only those in very close proximity to you are likely to get a brief whiff, if at all. What this means is that it is normally ok to use a Stigx e-cigarette in many places where tobacco cigarettes would not be allowed, undesirable or even illegal, as you are not harming others – a great advantage for those who need nicotine on the go, or want to vaporise around friends, family and children without any risk!

Reduced costs

Using a Stigx e-cigarette as an alternative to smoking tobacco can save thousands of euros in the long run. As an example, let’s compare the cost of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day to using an e-liquid.

Most users find that roughly 3ml of Stigx e-liquid is the equivalent of one pack of cigarettes. You can get a 10ml bottle of Stigx e-liquid for 9.95 euros, whereas the average cost of a pack of cigarettes cost around 6 euros (varies country to country). Already there is an obvious saving.

Smoking a pack a day for a year cost
6 x 365 = 2190 euros

The amount of bottles required to smoke 3ml of Stigx e-liquid a day for a year
(3 x 365) / 10 = 110 bottles

Cost of 110 bottles
110 x 4.95 = 544.50 euros

Comparative saving
2190 - 544.50 = 1645.50

That’s a saving of 1645.50 euros a year!

An improvement to the self-image and social perception

The use of tobacco comes with many negative social stigmas. The smell, smoke and ash it produces can make being constantly around smokers highly undesirable, especially to those who do not smoke. The tar and other ingredients present in tobacco smoke cause it to linger and stick to hair, clothing and other items. The constant build-up of ash it creates also causes a lingering smell and acts an eye-sore. It may only be at a sub-conscious level with most, but these aspects of smoking can alter the way smokers are treated by others.

Not only is the Stigx e-cigarette seen as trendy, but it also eliminates these problems. There is no psychical waste product, such as ash, and they do not produce a clinging nor lingering smell. This can help increase confidence, knowing that you can get a nicotine fix, but not carry around the social stigmas and unpleasantness that go with smoke – positively effecting the way people treat you.

Better than nicotine patches and gum

Part of the smoking experience is the psychological gratification you get when holding a cigarette in the hand and inhaling its smoke. This is not something that most people find can be adequately obtained from nicotine patches or gum. Using a Stigx e-cigarette simulates the use of tobacco cigarette with its superior ergonomics, granting the satisfaction that patches and gum cannot – all the while delivering the nicotine you need.