The Different Flavors of E-Liquid

Liquid nicotine, also known as e-liquid or e-juice, comes in many different flavours and strengths. Here at Stigx we blended some of the finest ingredients and flavourings to perfect ratios to ensure that Stigx liquid nicotine tastes as good as it possibly can whilst delivering the strength of nicotine needed.

The making of an e-liquid

Liquid nicotine is made up of three basic components. These are the nicotine, the flavouring and an inert carrier. Only the highest grade pharmaceutical quality components go into Stigx e-liquids ensuring a degree of precision, quality and flavour not found anywhere else.

A range of flavours

It is not nicotine within tobacco cigarettes that make them taste and smell as they do – nicotine itself is completely flavourless. This means that when creating an e-liquid, we are not constrained to the flavour of tobacco, (although you can still get this flavour). Liquid nicotine is a blank canvas for us at Stigx to work with, experimenting with flavourings to create a range of e-liquids to be proud of – a flavour for every situation.

The balance of nicotine

Nicotine is the addictive stimulant found within tobacco, and is the main component craved by smokers. It is nicotine that energises whilst calming at the same time, and is the chemical whose strength determines the experience gained. Vaporising a Stigx liquid nicotine allows for this craving to be controlled and enjoyed, without gaining all of the undesirable and dangerous carbon-monoxide, tar, ash and other toxins that go hand in hand with tobacco.

A choice of strength

Each flavour within the Stigx liquid nicotine range comes in a variety of strengths (nicotine free, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg). This means there is a strength suited to every situation and smoking style, whether you require a weaker e-liquid that can be vaporised regularly, or a heavier hitting strength for when you need that little something extra.